Big Boy, Life and music of Frank Goudie

By Dan Vernhettes with Christine Goudie and Tony Baldwin

Multi-instrumentalist Frank"Big Boy" Goudie's career spanned more than four decades, during which he lived and worked in Europe, the United States, and Latin America. Having never played in Chicago or New York or even recorded in the U.S. prior to 1958), Frank Goudie has been understandably, if unjustly, overlooked. However, his life was a rich and fascinating one, and he left a large and diverse recorded legacy, most of which we have been able to trace.

From the moment he arrived in Paris in 1924, Frank Goudie played in a wide variety of bands, alongside American, French, Caribbean, Guyanese and Brazilian musicians. The present work reconstructs his life's journey, from his youth in rural Louisiana, through his years in France, Great Britain, Belgium, Egypt, Germany, Switzerland, Latin America and, finally, San Francisco. It also includes a comprehensive discography of more than 250 titles. Although Goudie made a number of records in Europe, a large body of live recordings from his last Californian years has been unearthed by San Francisco researcher Dave Radlauer.

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