Jazz Puzzles Vol 3

New Orleans and Baton Rouge Suburban Jazz
By Dan Verhettes with Bo Lindström
Published by Jazz'Edit in December 2019 in a limited edition
Format: 26 cm x 28,5 cm
Text in English, same format as for Jazz Puzzles Vol. 1 and 2, 212 pages with hundreds of illustrations as usual, some very rare.

This work features the suburban venues where jazz developed between the two world wars: Tranchina’s (partillay treated in Volume 2), Tokio Gardens, Suburban Gardens, Moulin Rouge, Bungalow, West End, Chez Paree, Halfway House, Beverly Gardens, St. Bernard Country Club, Metairie Inn, le Jai-Alain Fronton, les divers clubs d’Arabi, Victory Inn, Southport Inn, Club Forest, Club Villa, Club Pine, Capitol Gardens, Louie's Peacock Inn… as well as the musicians who worked in these places: Louis Armstrong, Papa Celestin, Armand Piron, Jules Bauduc, Ray Bauduc, Johnny Bayersdorffer, the Brunies brothers, Max Fink, Happy Schilling, Joe Robichaux, the Owls, Toots Johnson, Kid Dimes, the Scranton Sirens, Dolly Jones, Ann Cooper, Baby Briscoe, Joan Lunceford, the Sicilian and Usticese musicians (the Loyacano families, Johnny Bertucci, Leon Prima, Sharkey Bonano) and the numerous musicians who played with them.

These biographies present discographies and short commentaries about the music.

This research casts a new light on overlooked musicians and complements the generally accepted idea about the Louisianian music scene between the two wars. 200 orders will allow us to keep the usual price at 40 euros, unchanged for ten years.

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