Fletcher Henderson

After the European tour with Sam Wooding, Tommy Ladnier worked with Fletcher Henderson from October 1926 to November 1927. Stockholm Stomp was recorded January 22. 1927. He now played trumpet with a characteristic force, very different from his early cornet playing. He shared the trumpet solo space with Joe Smith. They showed a remarkable mutual influence.


Livery Stable Blues, another Original Dixieland Jazz Band standard, was well known to the Fletcher Henderson orchestra and it is given a lively rendition. Recorded April 28, 1927, Joe Smith plays one chorus followed by Ladnier after a short orchestra interlude. Their playing styles are at the same time different with Smith playing smoother, more legato and singing than Ladnier, whose playing is rougher and more furious, displaying some King Oliver phrases. Yet, notwithstanding these differences, their playing is rather similar in phrasing.