Site History

December 2020. A newly found version of  Barrel House Blues has been added. The discography has been revised and updated

December 2020 The site is now safer with an https address

February 2020: The domain was finally brought to life again. New Tommy Ladnier photos added

October 2019: For some unclear reason, the domain has been closed despite full payment

April 2018: A new page for George Brashear and the book Oh Joe! was created.

March 2017: A new document on an historic film clip from 1914 with musician identification has been added.

February 2017: A revised version of the Edwards Brothers dfocument has been added

January 2016: A paper on the Edwards Brothers has been added for download. Corrections included January 30. Thanks to Dan Vernhettes and Bob Hitchens.

Autumn 2015: The site is created with material from the old Tommy Ladnier site that had been on the Web for four years Some text has been altered/deleted and some new music files have been added.