Another Mysterious Violin

As already pointed out in Traveling Blues, Chris Hillman has observed the presence of a violinist in some of the November – December Lovie Austin Paramount recordings.

Bob Hitchens has observed another violinist in the Fletcher Henderson recording of Wang Wang Blues, recorded in New York March 23, 1927. What seems to be a violin can be heart right from the start but most clearly in the ensemble part right after Tommy Ladnier’s first solo.

The personnel on this date has always been somewhat unreliable since the presence of Buster Bailey or Carmello Jejo has been discussed. The Jejo presence seems to have been given to Charles Delauney for his 1938 discography by some Henderson musician and we all know how reliable such remembrances can be.

So there are two important questions: is there a violin or is is just a of-mike clarinet and if it is a violin, who is playing it?

Without any further discussion, you can hear the first part of this recording – including the Tommy Ladnier solo – by clicking on the file below.