Musicians at Gare des Invalides 1930






George Brashear

Rudolph Dunbar

Several Paris-based musicians took part in the reception of the colored Gold Star Mothers reception at Gare des Invalides. The identified musicians include some rarely seen musicians.

  • George Brashear, trombone

  • Tommy Ladnier, trumpet

  • Arthur Briggs, trumpet

  • Rudolph Dunbar, clarinet

  • Ramon Usera tenor sax

  • George Warren, tenor sax

  • Horace Eubanks, clarinet

  • Oliver Tines, drums

  • Big Boy Goudie, tenor sax

  • Jack Carter, drums

  • Rudy Jackson, alto sax

  • Benny Peyton, drums

  • Eugene Bullard, drums

  • Cricket Smith, trumpet

  • Wilson Townes, alto sax

  • Edward Cole, tuba

The identification can be seen in the document The Gold Star Mothers, available for download below